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In The Shadows Book

In The Shadows Book

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Create cherished bedtime moments with this enchanting children's storybook. Immerse your little ones in magical worlds, spark their imaginations, and foster a love for reading. With beautifully illustrated pages and captivating stories, this bedtime book will become a treasured favourite.

"At night, Ayla is afraid that there are monsters hiding in her bedroom. Join Ayla on an adventure to find out if those monsters are really there!"

Ayla is a little girl who has a very creative imagination. This can be a very good thing or a very bad thing. While her vast imagination gives her the ability to fly and imagine magical worlds, her wild imagination also creates scary monsters in the dark. In this book, we join her on an adventure to fight these monsters off, finding out what they were actually made of - shadows of different objects around the house. To fight these monsters, Ayla uses her special imagination to transform herself into a superhero! When she transforms, she gets the courage and magical powers to fight!

This story was inspired by my personal experiences when it comes to being afraid of the dark. For a long time, it would always keep me awake and hiding under the blankets at night because I would keep imagining scary monsters in my bedroom. I want little kids to read this book - helping them realise and learn that there's nothing to be afraid of as there will always a logical explanation for the monsters in the dark.

- 210mm x 210mm
- 60 pages
- Super thick paperback covers with a matte finish
- Wrapped and packed with special tissue paper
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